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Unique instruments for your unique sound.

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We sample our own self-developed and self-built (electro)acoustic instruments for our libraries.

Because we build our own instruments, our "virtual" instruments are all unique and sometimes quite unusual, but always full of musical potential.

Tunelle is a spring instrument.
Springs always ring in several pitches at the same time. Depending on the articulation used, different pitches of the same spring can be brought out more clearly.

Ferrophone creates sound by slowly rotating two metal discs with motors, each disc touching the opposite one with a nail. It can scare you with its metallic, squeaky and mean sounds, but it can also touch you with clear, long ringing and harmonious sounds

PriZm is an enchanting percussion instrument with a singing soul.
Sounds of PriZm in its higher register may remind one of chimes and toy piano. But once the pitch gets lower, PriZm drifts from clear bells into a darker and mysterious world.

October 10th, 2016

Pumkin Chopper animation

We joined up with the super talented animator Thijs Geritz to create a super short Halloween animation. All sounds we're made with Wobblophones libraries!