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Tunelle's Story

Tunelle is a Spring instrument. Its name is a contraction of two words that characterise this instrument sonically and visually: 'tuned tunnel'.

We've built two different versions of this instrument - Metal Tunelle and Wooden Tunelle.
Both of them hold two full octaves of chromatically arranged compression springs.
The different materials used for the resonating bodies are important factors for their resulting sonic characteristics. Metal Tunelle has a clear and long metallic ring, where as Wooden Tunelle has a more damped and warmer sound quality.

Springs always ring in several pitches at the same time. Depending on the articulation used, different pitches of the same spring can be heard more or less clearly.
Tunelle was designed to be played mainly by pulling the springs with fingers and quickly releasing them, letting the springs wobble and resonate.
Other articulations, such as horizontal plucking, vertical plucking, striking with a rubber mallet and plucking with a plectrum bring out friendly rattles that ring in distinct pitches.



$65.00 / €59.00 / £39.00

  Wooden Tunelle
Wooden Equinox Spring Water Snowdrops Cherry Blossoms

All demo tracks were made entirely with sounds from the Tunelle library.

Tunelle Articulations
  Tunelle's articulations

The Spring instrument group

As funny as it may sound, the idea for Spring instruments occurred on a sleepless night when restlessly laying on an old and occasionally ringing spring mattress.
The springs had a beautiful long spacious and reverberating sound.

Springs are actually used in so many objects that people use daily (pens, table lamps, watches, cars, you name it!), that we started collecting springs and playing around with their sonic qualities. A whole new world of long metallic resonances emerged!

Wooden Tunelle is dedicated to our sweet and smart ginger cat Sinas who left his earthy playground way to soon. He was the biggest fan of Metal Tunelle. He used to pluck the springs with his teeth in the morning, announcing the beginning of a new day.
  Metal Tunelle
tunelle detail