The beginnings of Wobblophones

...It was on a cold evening in early 2007. We were two young people, fellow students, but still almost strangers to each other, that met to watch Invader Zim animations.

We quickly realized that not only we both happen to have the “head pigeons” but we also both create artworks that produce sound. From then on helping each other became an obvious thing. Naturally we started working as a sound artist duo: Neon & Landa.

After a few years of full-of-laughter collaboration, diverse art and music projects, crazy experiments, fun discoveries and some more acquired “head pigeons”, we ended up having a decent-sized collection of our self-built musical instruments. From time to time we would perform or make studio electronic music with our musical instruments and computer processing.

That's when the idea for Wobblophones emerged!

Realizing that every creative mind can shape the same things with a unique twist, we decided to make our own musical instruments available for a larger public of music-lovers, musicians, composers, and sound-designers. And even though we love that sweet smell of wood and the twinkly steel dust, we also realize that buying custom-made instruments is rather expensive.
That's why we decided to sample the sounds of our instruments and make them available for a much more affordable price.

Our purring studio landlords remind us daily, that life shouldn't be taken too seriously. They are our first and most critical audience. And just to assure you, when our products are put out there, they've been fully approved ^..^

We wish you a fun playtime exploring the Wobblophones samples!

Big love,
Neon & Landa